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Why do the car keys not work ?

Most of us have probably had the experience of having a car key that won't turn in the ignition. And it always seems to happen when you least expect it, like when you are rushing or already having a horrible day. What is the right course of action? It can get baffling, especially since it normally seems as though there isn't a problem at all.

This type of car key emergency can occur at any time, which is why it's crucial to know what to do if your car keys stop working. And doing so begins with knowing what can prevent your car keys from functioning properly, so sit back and get comfortable as our mobile locksmith in Dubai discusses what you might be up against.

You might end up thinking Why won't my key turn in the ignition?

Here are a few of the most typical explanations why

Damaged lock: Sometimes, the issue isn't even with your keys; rather, it may be an issue with your lock.Car keys may not fit properly in door locks because of damage, wear, or other issues, leaving you stranded. Fortunately, our locksmith services aren't limited to working with keys; if necessary, through our Unlock car service we can even disassemble and repair your ignition chamber.

Blockages: Locks can stop functioning for a variety of reasons, including damage and blockages that prevent your keys from fitting. If necessary, our auto locksmiths in Dubai can disassemble your lock in order to remove dirt and debris. However, whatever you do, avoid using WD40 or prodding around with a wire, as these can actually exacerbate the blockage!

Damaged and worn-out keys: The grooves in car keys are one of the most frequent causes of vehicle keys not working because they are worn out to the point where they no longer fit your ignition. Each tooth can deteriorate over time if you use the same automobile key repeatedly. Alternately, it's possible that you simply handled your keys too roughly and accidently shattered or bent them. In order for your keys to function, they must properly align with the pins and tumblers in your ignition. Regrettably, most automobile keys aren't made to be that durable. Fortunately, a car key maker dubai can make a replacement key that precisely fits your ignition.

A defective ignition cylinder: Your ignition system consists of a variety of other systems in addition to your ignition chamber, all of which are activated when you turn your key. These systems include switches, batteries, circuits, and more. Ignition lock cylinder issues can result in:

  • car won't start
  • power problems
  • trapped car keys

Unfortunately, seeing a mechanic is typically necessary to resolve these problems.

Unreliable aftermarket keys: You recently had your keys replaced, and you received a wonderful discount! However, as the legends say, you get what you paid for. Cheap aftermarket keys could not be as high-quality; some of them might not even completely fit your car's ignition chamber.

If your car keys break, what should you do? It's easy: just call the car locksmith or Car key maker dubai ! Best Locksmith it is! Vehicle owners from the city and beyond have been relying on our services for years and years, trusting us to replace their car keys.

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