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Does your locksmith offer all the services you need ?

Being locked away from your house or car is a scary thought and no one wants to be in such a situation. Most of us, if not all, have been through this or a similar situation at some point in our life either because we lost keys somewhere or got them broken. In such a case, everyone tries to reach their trusted locksmith to come to the rescue but have you ever considered if your locksmith is what it actually takes to be the best Locksmith in Dubai? Before recommending and sharing the contact of your locksmith with your friends and family you must know if your locksmith is fully capable of solving all issues related to Dubai locksmith services. Listed below are some of the qualities and skills that a reliable locksmith must possess.


A skilled locksmith must be someone who knows how to produce a quality duplicate of keys. Duplicating the pattern of a key is an art that requires precision and attention to even minute details. So a good locksmith must be an expert in producing the key duplicates.

Opening locks

The basic job of a locksmith is to open locks. But not all locks are that simple that can be opened in minutes. Opening a lock does not mean breaking the lock. A skilled locksmith is the one that quickly understands the pattern of the lock to open it.

Intricate Car locks

A good locksmith is one that can also open intricate car locks. The latest version of vehicles is designed with such lock systems that are hard to open without the original key therefore a smart locksmith is the one that has an understanding of the latest car lock systems.

Broken Keys

A good locksmith should be well-abled to take out broken keys stuck indoors, car doors, or car ignition without causing further damage.

Installation of lock system

The role of a locksmith is not limited to merely opening up a lock but they are also responsible for the installation of an efficient lock system for your building. In modern times, new systems such as alarms, patterns, automatic, face recognition systems are integrated with the lock system to reduce the risk of unwanted access. A reliable locksmith is one that is well-aware of the latest technology used in the lock systems.

Response time

The locksmith is supposed to help in emergencies therefore his/her response time matters a lot. A good Dubai locksmith should be able to respond to calls and be ready to provide services as quickly as possible.

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